Community Guidelines

Welcome to the Kerala Living Community!


Remember, Kerala Living is for people of all ages, nationalities, cultures and religions so please bear in mind the following rules:


  1. Do not use abuses, swearing or strong language in your posts.

  2. Kerala Living strives to be a family friendly site. Do not post any explicit content which violates Keralite's traditions and customs.

  3. Do not create topics or posts that criticise, bully or insult other Kerala Living members, and do not flame (e.g. provoke other Kerala Living member into arguments) or impersonate other people. If you wish to make a complaint against another Kerala Living member.

  4. Do not respond to people who post something insulting or who are "trolling" - instead, just ignore them and they will go away.

  5. Don't post anything that could be perceived as illegal or offensive (i.e. racist, pornographic, sexist, obscene, profane, vulgar, derogatory, hateful or threatening).Such posts will be deleted and member's account will be blocked.The same also applies to members's personal signatures.

  6. Stay on topic and do not hijack threads or post off-topic comments. Start a new forum topic or send a private message if you are in doubt.

  7. Posts in the Forums and the Questions section are to be only in the English language. Posts made in languages other than English will be removed. (Posts in the Groups may be made in the language appropriate to that Group)

  8. Threads about religious topics need to be handled with respect. Please respect the religious beliefs and sentiments of other members involved in the discussion with you and readers as well.

  9. Do not bring personal disputes onto the site. If you find that your discussion is becoming too heated or someone is becoming far too passionate about their argument, please take the discussion to email.

  10. Refrain from bringing personal grudges into different threads.Such posts will be deleted and members indulging in such behaviour will be warned.

  11. If you are not interested in a topic or think someone is asking a silly question, just move onto another post instead of insulting or mocking them. Irrelevant Posts will be deleted.

  12. Before asking a question or posting a Forum topic, make sure you have Used the KL Search Option to check for earlier similar queries/topics.Please put in an effort for finding out telephone numbers, and addresses by searching the Yellow Pages.

  13. Questions that are not applicable for a Forum Discussion will be deleted.

  14. It is never acceptable to reveal a members real name or post their picture on Kerala Living unless they have consented. Identities of members on KL, must be protected by all.

  15. Do not post chain letters, solicitations or pyramid schemes.

  16. Do not post messages which support or condone any illegal activities, such as drug use, piracy or warez.

  17. Do not post anything that could be considered libelous or defamatory.

  18. Please don't post any copyright material to Kerala Living

  19. If you wish to advertise your website or business please you can do so by visiting this page. Do NOT post such adverts to the Forum, Classifieds, your user signature or avatar or any other section of this site. This applies to the promotion of any websites or forums similar in nature to Kerala Living.

  20. Private Messages are meant to be private and respected. Please do not repost or refer to the content of private messages publically. This can lead to your account getting blocked. If someone is abusing the Private Messaging system please use the abuse form to report them.

  21. Access to internet in Kerala is behind a content filter. While we respect the right to free speech, any content that could lead to this site being filtered will be removed without notice.

  22. Unless you want to emphasise on something specific, please refrain from using capitals in your posts.It is annoying to read posts that are only typed in capitals.Such posts will be deleted.

  23. Finally, think before you post! You are responsible for what you post so before you hit enter, ask yourself if this is something you would say to someone in real life.


If any of the rules guidelines are broken, either intentionally or by accident, our moderators will either edit or remove your post.


You can help us keep Kerala Living a friendly place by reporting abuse and spamming by going to the "Report Abuse" form on the Contact page.


new: The moderators of this site reserve all right to moderate this website as required in order to enforce the above guidelines.

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